Our Difference



Our company's name, Three Chairs, was inspired by Joseph Kosuth's "One and Three Chairs", an artwork that asks the question "How do we know what we know?" From exploring assumptions and cognitive biases to design thinking, we get a kick out of solving problems in new ways.



Whether it's a blank canvas or a tight brief, we love bringing new ideas into the mix. We are driven by curiosity about what is possible. With a flair for imagination and a plethora of innovation frameworks, we create unique and bespoke solutions for your business.


Systems Thinking

We look across your business. We see the connections between parts. This means aligning strategy to execution, and putting the interlock and support mechanisms in place. More importantly, it's all about ensuring you have the right foundations - leadership, culture, and capabilities - to set you up for success.



We are expert facilitators. We bring the best out of your people. We facilitate discussions, workshops, and events to help you achieve your desired outcomes, or provide the leadership learning solutions to help you master this skill.