Building resilient programs – 7 tools for success

Does anyone have an example of a change that went completely to plan?  It’s common for all sorts of changes to take twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated.  So what differentiates those that go well from those that don’t? 

To my mind, there’s broadly three aspects to building resilient programs:

  1. Prevention

  2. Recovery

  3. Learning

6 Strategy Planning Tips – The Bridge from Strategy to Action

Always a pleasure when I have the chance to join a bright and dynamic team to stand back and reconsider their strategic options. Stepping back from daily tasks gives us a chance to take a breath, consider the view of the horizon and how we’re tracking towards it.

 An important part of strategy planning is taking this horizon view and turning it into a clear plan with measurable deliverables.

 These are my tips for turning a strategy into a plan.