5 Tips for Driving Performance


What happens when you challenge a group of roads and infrastructure experts to a competition using limited resources to make a model car go as far as possible?  Today, at the Roads Australia Fellowship Program, we got to find out! 

The answer was some very well constructed and innovative designs.  Along the way, we explored and shared our learnings about effective leadership and team dynamics. 

Here are 5 of the highlights from the day:

1.       Stepping up means letting go.  It can be difficult for leaders, especially technical experts, to transition from being in control of the tasks and detail, to stepping back and focusing on the big picture and team dynamics.

2.       Intent is different from impact.  We always set out with the best intent, but the impact we have on those around us is not always as we intend.  Getting feedback from others is essential for learning and growth.

3.       Listen for weak signals.  It’s not always easy for individuals to share their important ideas in a frantic time pressured setting.  To really get the most out of a team, it’s important to look for weak signals – body language, passive language, subtle hints.  Invite participation to make the most out of a diverse team.

4.       Set challenging targets.  The more audacious the goal, the more innovative thinking becomes.  In our little activity, we saw extreme goals lead to completely new ideas and collaboration.  Measure your results and celebrate the wins.

5.       Know your team.  Team performance is facilitated by understanding the individuals in your team, and whether performance factors are the result of motivation or capability.  The deeper you understand your team, the better you are able to guide and inspire.

Thanks Roads Australia and Fellows for a wonderful demonstration of team performance!