Building a capability pipeline.

This week I joined Roads Australia’s Capacity and Skills Workshop. Over 35 companies came together to rethink how the industry can close the skilled resource gap in order to meet the community’s future infrastructure needs.

This holistic collaborative approach appears to be an emerging trend that contrasts with traditional competition for skills resources. Instead of competing to attract or retain highly skilled people with big salary packages, industries are looking to collaborate to create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the future.

Retailtainment, ecommerce, exports – trends in the food industry

This year’s Fine Foods International Ltd Expo in Melbourne was a brilliant opportunity to taste test some emerging trends in agriculture, food production and retailing, and food service. It also presented some opportunities to consider global trends in ecommerce and export. Here were my top “take-aways”

How to get ready for jobs that don’t exist

Education and hiring in a new paradigm  - emerging jobs, disappearing jobs and portfolio careers.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit on an alumni panel, discussing with prospective students the pros and cons of undertaking an MBA.  This made me reflect on a couple of interrelated questions:

  • what will the future of education look like?

  • how will businesses prepare their workforce for the future?

Meaningful meetings – 3 tips to build leadership capability

There are a lot of sensible steps to make meetings productive and efficient.  It’s worth considering though, can we move beyond the hygiene factors of effective agendas, well presented information, clear decisions and actions, into meaningful leadership development?

 Here are 3 simple tips to add leadership development into any team meeting.

Building resilient programs – 7 tools for success

Does anyone have an example of a change that went completely to plan?  It’s common for all sorts of changes to take twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated.  So what differentiates those that go well from those that don’t? 

To my mind, there’s broadly three aspects to building resilient programs:

  1. Prevention

  2. Recovery

  3. Learning

6 Strategy Planning Tips – The Bridge from Strategy to Action

Always a pleasure when I have the chance to join a bright and dynamic team to stand back and reconsider their strategic options. Stepping back from daily tasks gives us a chance to take a breath, consider the view of the horizon and how we’re tracking towards it.

 An important part of strategy planning is taking this horizon view and turning it into a clear plan with measurable deliverables.

 These are my tips for turning a strategy into a plan.

Sharing the path – Strategic collaboration

The opportunities presented by strategic partnerships can be staggering.  Making them a reality can be daunting.  When the goal requires cross industry and sector collaboration, complexity and ambiguity can stand between a great opportunity and success. 

I recently had the opportunity to bring together a group of passionate and smart people to help frame a high level pathway for an important outcome. The goal is significant for all stakeholders in this forum commercially and strategically. The details in this case are sensitive but the problem of navigating complexity will be familiar to many of us.

So how best to bring clarity to a problem and agree on a shared path moving forward? These are my reflections after a rewarding day.

40 Transformation Tips and Pitfalls

Thank you to everyone that joined our first event “Design. Align. Inspire. How to Transform your Business”.

It was great to hear from people in the room about their own successes and failures. So many great stories about what has worked, and what has not worked so well.

For your reference we’ve noted a summary of the results from our own experiences, interviews, and the workshop